Partnering in our community

to bring the benefits of massage

to the work place

It’s a fact.  Sitting at a desk or in front of a computer and day to day work related stress results in poor performance, increase sick days and overall stress.  Research proves that chair massage results in stress reduction, tension release and an increase in blood flow to the brain. This translates into improved performance, alertness, acuity and staff report they feel valued when chair massage sessions are arranged in the workplace!


Here is a list of touch therapy's corporate chair massage events (past & present):


Bexley Bed And Breakfast

Bexley Public Library

Bexley Women's

Capital University

Date Night Bexley


JCC Teacher's Appreciation

Nationwide Children's Hospital

Michael's Finer Meats

Mount Carmel Corporate Services Center

Mount Carmel West

Ohio Banker's league (Women In Banking)

Ohio Health Doctor's Hospital

OSU Hidden Benefits Fair


Taste of Bexley

The Main Event Bexley

Westland Area Business Association


*References available upon request